Today I have mostly been waxing the new revised Majic Pick-up skirt plug ready for moulding. It needs ten coats of very hard moulding wax, Wax-on, Wax-off, Wax-on, Wax-off,, You get it.  When I designed the Majic Pick-up kit back quite a few years ago (I guess Autumn 1999) it was for the sole purpose of fitting the kit to my favourite car – my Mini Pick-up, although it was 6 months before I’d get around to it, in the summer of 2000!

The moulds were not made for high volume production, I anticipated making my own kit, and then up to a dozen for any other customers whom were interested. I really did not see there being a market for a kit for a car, when the newest examples were 20 years old, and the oldest examples much older. Added to this was the fact that the Pick-up, Van and Estate (PVE) versions of the Mini tended to appeal to much older owners, and I was sure that there was no market for the kit. BOY WAS I WRONG.It’s now just coming up on 7 years since the moulds were made and in that time we have sold in the order of 500 PVE kits. I am happy to admit that I was totally wrong, and I totally misjudged the market for these cars. I guess that our so-called competitors were of the same opinion because only one of them has to my knowledge copied our idea, and our kit. (I have learnt since that this was done by our oh so well thought of competitor by laying the components on the floor and guessing!!! Not a surprise when you know the man) 

Blue Mini Pick-up with Majic Bodykit

When the kit first went into production it was tried on a rusty but original Estate, a concourse Van, and my own original Pick-up, and the moulds made to be a good fit. No extra was added and no strengthening mould flanges, as these are time consuming to make and I was sure that we would never sell enough even to get our money back. 

Over the years some customers have mentioned that they find it hard to fit the kit, and get everything to line up – specifically the skirts don’t seem to fit well at the back, and the rear bumper does not seem to fit well around the sides and corners. On several occasions we have investigated these issues and have discovered the cause to be incorrect restoration work on the cars in every case. 

These cars are now really old and practically every car has now had restoration work carried out in these areas. The normal way this is done is by cutting out the rusty metal (sometimes) and then welding in new metal. This often distorts the panel if not done well, or simply just does not line up well, and as such a large amount of filler is then required to get the contour of the panel back. On a non-kitted car this is not a problem, but when you try to fit a kit you quickly find that it is a problem.  We have now made new skirt plugs from which we are making the new mould. This not only has flanges, but has been extended so that the skirts are now slightly too wide – the result is a side skirt that needs trimming down to fit, but will now fit every car – simple and effective – the perfect solution. I am so pleased that after all these years the PVE kit remains so popular, and we have at this moment 6 kits on order, and one featured on the cover of MiniWorld (along with a Majic spoiler/Impreza bonnet on a separate car). If we sell another 500 kits in the next 6 years I will be a very happy man. Wax-on, Wax-off, Wax-on, Wax-off,,,,,