This photo shows the fabulous new kit we have developed for the FTO. The doors lift really high, are light, and look the business. I am really happy with this kit, which uses our own design of multi-bearing pivot. This is used through out the Lambotek range of kits.

This is the latest kit to be upgraded from the older Lambotek LK300 to LK500 spec which now uses 5 bearings in each pivot (yes ten per kit!!). Its the only kit on the market that uses this many bearings and really does not have anything to equal it.

The new kit has vastly moe space between the door and wing as the door lifts up (traditionally a problem on the FTO), and more space between the door card and A pillar when fully open (always welcome). There really is nothing that even comes close to the quality and fit of this direct bolt-on kit.

This is a nice photo which we took a few weeks ago when the local Farmer had just harvested the corn. The background really brings the car out.

Its just a nice photo which I chose for our first entry on the blog!

Lambotek Lambo Door conversion on Mitsubishi FTO