I’m not a big fan our Europe as most of the people I know are only too aware. I’ve run SMEs all my life and I’ve seen first hand the huge costs and little gain European interference with business has made. Almost every man woman and child is worse off with the UK as part of Europe - its a fact. 98% of all the business taxes paid in this county are from those companies that employ the same sort of proportion of the population - high 90’s. Virtually every person works for a company that is worse off being in Europe - stands to basic logic that we would be better leaving, but his latest nonsense …..

The EU want to sensor Google? We all rely upon Google and censoring the results it provides is a very slippery slope. What next after those that someone deems are “irrelevant”, those that are “undesirable”, those that don’t support the “government message”. Extreme I know but its an illustration of what usually happens if we let people get away with these things.

But the most ridiculous thing is that Google already has a mechanism for not listing irrelevant content - its called the Search engine or algorithm! Google works on relevancy and it works on authority. Only Google know the specifics but they use the relevancy of the result to rate it - if it is from a poor source or no-one is interested then it drops down the list, and with some lists being in the tens of millions that could be buried a long way down.

Of course just because someone is interested does not necessarily mean that its a good thing to have out there, but that’s really not the job of the search engine - its the job of the content providers. With 97% of all search engine traffic now going through Google its easy to see why you would want to target Google to do your censoring for you - the job gets done in one hit - please please please Mr.Google fight back - if you don’t with all the resources you have then I think no-one will and we will all be even poorer thanks to the EU.