Here we have some new photos of the BMW MINI (first generation) Turbo conversion that we offer.

This superb conversion takes a 90 bhp MINI ONE and turns it into a 200bhp monster, that has more power, more driveablity, betterĀ  emissions, and better fuel economy, and runs lower boost that the standard Cooper S from BMW.

The conversion can also be fitted to the MINI Cooper, and we have a similar looking kit that can be fitted to the Cooper S in addition to the supercharger (or replacing it) and can easily perform a 300 bhp conversion.

Our Turbo conversions all use external wastegates because this is the only way to go if you want superb power and efficiency, and polished stainless parts for most items. The kit pictured made 205 bhp on an otherwise standard MINI ONE, and an incredible 195 lb/ft of Torque.

The pictured kit also uses our compact chargecooler, and water injection and induction temperatures NEVER exceed those of the non-Turbo car during rolling road testing!!!! Yes to be clear the non-turbo car had induction temperatures at the end of the test around 60 degrees C, and the Turbo only 35 degrees C.

Above you can see the beautiful stainless steel high performance manifold - note this is not made from water pipes cobbled together, nor is it a poor flowing, overweight cast item. This is a custom made, manifold specifically designed for the BMW MINI for high flow, great looks, and superb reliability. The additional tabs at the top are for the 9th and 10th fixing which help to support the weight.

Things also worthy of note:-

  • Large 12mm mounting flanges to resist cracking and distortion.
  • High flow tubes.
  • Tubes maintain gas speed.
  • Braces on tubes and flanges.
  • TIG welded.
  • External wastegate for optimum efficiency (power).
  • Notice the separate wastegate downpipe.
  • Both Lambda sensors retained.
  • CAT retained - modified hounding doubles airflow.
  • Ait filter directly on top (housing not shown).
  • Compare to standard factory manifold in pics.
  • Polished chargecooler.
  • Polished dump valve.
  • Polished stainless heat shield removed for clarity.
  • Additional fuel unit just before enters throttle body (also polished aluminium).

If you need further info regarding this conversion please email or phone.