Its always nice to see your own work in print, and more-so when the entire external design of the car is your own exotic creation.

Below you can see a Saxo I built a few years ago, on the Cover of the April 2008 issue of Performance French Cars. We designed, built the one-off fibreglass items, installed them all and painted the car. It also has our Lambo Doors, and we also installed the hydraulic system on the car.

Cover of this months French Car mag - buy it and see the poster.

The Car has a one-off totally unique and awesome front Bumper which we made from fibreglass after making a plasticine master. There is no mould - the front is totally unique. The arches were made specifically for the car, again from a plasticine master which was then moulded - this means that they are available for sale if anyone wants.

The front arches are again fibreglass moulded items, which were made from the custom made arch moulds, and which give additional stiffness without the chance of cracks between the bonded arch and wing as so often happens on some companies work.

The skirts are again one-offs made from sheets of steel which we then welded to the shell. The rear arches are the same as the front which always provides a level of balance that is often not possible to achieve. The rear bumper is again a one-off fibreglass item for which no mould exists. this bumper has the rear taillights fitted into it, as the boot-lid is smoothed over.

The sides of the car have been welded and smoothed over as have the rear lights, and fuel filler cap has been moved to under the rear tailgate to provide a smoother look, and also to provide additional clearance for the wheels, as the filler is normally fitted under the rear arch.

The handles have also been smoothed and replaced by remote access key-fobs, which add yet more smoothness, and also additional security.

The one-off bonnet was made in steel. Fibreglass does allow for a lighter bonnet but it never lasts, so steel is definitely the material of choice, in this area. A combination of steel and fibreglass is destined for disaster,which is why we don’t often bond vents to bonnets. I am the only person to have ever been able to get this to work, but steel is always preferred, as is does not crack due to twisting, slamming, engine heat or the sun.

The roof gutters are another smoothing item that you might not at first notice, but which is very time consuming, and contributes much towards the overall concept of the car.

The spoiler is a one-off based on a similar design that we used on a similarly unique BMW MINI a few years ago.

The car also features some of our older LK300 lambo doors - the newer versions open far higher and are lighter. Check out for more details.

We also installed the hydraulic suspension kit onto the car. This comprises a Fork lift truck powerpack, and some rams. Provided by a nameless supplier this does not provide for a car that handles or rides well on the road. If you want a car that handles and rides well then you need air. Modern kits are just as fast as single pump hydraulics, and given that the high spec air kits can jump a car 5 feet in the air (damage to the car guaranteed) then air can do everything that you need in most cases. Juice does lift the car higher in most cases, but since this normally results in damaged gearboxes, and driveshafts (Saxos and 106’s are prone to this when lowered anyway) the extra lift is often not wanted. This car is on our air and hydraulic video which is on the air mini site at

Then after everything was installed, we come to the paint. This is huge metalflake in gold. I personally painted the exterior of the car, as well as the dashboard and door panels, centre console and numerous other parts for a really gold look. this car is electric - when the sun hits the flake its so bright it is dazzling - so bad in fact that we insisted on painting the top of the dash in matt black as we considered it dangerous!!

The photos do not do the paint justice - this is hard to photograph and only seeing the car in the flesh will illustrate what it looks like - this is big coverage - total flake with no gaps - 1500 grams of large Gold Flake. These flakes are so big that they block a conventional spray gun, and we have to use a custom built spray gun - we call it the elephant gun, the paint comes out so fast (due to the large nozzle) that you are forever re-filling the gun.

This car is not going to be to everyones taste, that much is certain, however you cannot ignore the car when you see it. It stands out in a crowd of modified cars, and I am very pruod of the fact that the car is all our own work. I have not seen the car since we built it a few years ago, but the only thing that seems to have been added is some speakers in the back - pretty much everything that you see in the feature was done by myself or my staff, and pretty much all of it was my concept.

If I had to criticise the car, then I would say that the tailpipes (which we did not do) really let the car down, and are not at all in keeping with the concept or style of the car, but the owner likes them and thats all that matters.

The feature states that this work came to around £8000, for the bodywork. That is rather an under estimate of the cost, and I would estimate that the bodywork, lambos and suspension cost more like £15,000. I certainly would not build a 500 hour car like this for anything less than 18k today. We also limit ourselves to 1-2 of this type of exotic projects per year as they are just too disruptive to our workshops, which can easily do far more profitable work in the same time.

We build these cars because we love doing them, and not because they are the most profitable use of our time. Anyone can fit some wheels or a kit, a car like this is in another league altogether.