I was travelling back from delivering a car to London the other day (PT Cruiser on air suspension - listed at www.airride.co.uk) and came back from Lowestoft via train when I met a pretty unusual sight - a car had tried to turn onto the tracks!!

I had my Camera and took a couple of pictures to show people as I didn’t think anyone would believe that someone had tried to turn onto the tracks.

When the trains finally got going again (90 minutes later) another passenger said I should send the pics to the EDP (Eastern Daily Press Newspaper), which I did later that night.

On Thursday morning not only was the picture in the EDP, but I got phone calls from both Anglia TV, and BBC Look East wanting to interview me and to use the pictures! As a result I was on both local TV programs, and so were my photos.

It seems that the driver of the car, had been so reliant on his SATNAV that when it told him to turn he did - right onto the tracks.

Oulton Broad North Pictures

Car on Railway track in Oulton Broad

The lights in the background are the train waiting to come through the crossing!

Car on railway track at Outlon Broad Suffolk


Sat Nav error leads to car on track danger

Given all the interest I wish I had taken more pictures, but it was so cold, wet, and windy that I just wanted to get home, as did everyone else.

These pictures were used in the EDP, and Lowestoft Journal, as well as the BBC and ITV. Its a different type of coverage to what I’m used to with the modified car mags and even MTV Pimp my Ride UK!!

To view EDP click the link    EDP Coverage

To view Look East coverage click here Look East