We are pround to anounce that we have opened the waiting list for classic Mini air suspension kits.

These have been developed and tested over a period in excess of 12 months, and will be available for delivery by mid January 2008.

The kits are bolt-on dedicated fit kits, and can be fitted by the average mechanic, using normal tools (plus cone compressor). Instructions are included, as well as the ability to phone or email should customers need advice.

These awesome new kits not only improve the ride of the car, but allow suicidal drops for show and cruise use, and then lift up on the button for driving. This will be the accessory for 2008.

Please email minilist@airride.co.uk or subscribe to the main www.autofashion.co.uk mailing list to be kept up to date on the availability, prices and launch of the new airride kits for the Austin Rover Calssic Mini. Information and pictures/video will be posted on www.airride.co.uk

The conversion will fit any dry Mini from 1959 to 2001.